7 Tips to Stress-Proof for Study

7 Tips to Stress-Proof for Study

By Kristy Rackham, RN

No one is immune to stress.  The thing is, it’s not what stresses us out or how much stress we have, but what we do about it that counts!

Stress hits us in a myriad of shapes and sizes. Everything from long hot days and deadlines, to relationship disharmony and sibling rivalry – “oh my GAWD please STOP!”.  With resilience, we can handle a reasonable amount of stress and bounce back…most of the time.  But when stress turns into a daily, chronic situation, illness can result and families suffer.

When you throw in the relentless demands of studying on top of everyday issues, cracks in our sanity appear and it’s not pretty.  In fact, the ordinary stresses of parenting that we’d normally be okay with can affect us like a full-blown assault on our senses (If I have to hear that relentless high pitched ‘why’ again, I’ll scream!). Been there, done that!



Fortunately, there are some simple things that we study mums can do to stress-proof ourselves, and our family. Here are my top 7 tips.


  • Awareness: Put down the pen when they speak! While studying, the demands of our kids can be overwhelming. The more quality, focused attention we give them in the little moments, the less likely they’ll feel neglected and act out. Remember to ‘tune in’ to your family and notice changes in their behavior to head-off potential stress before it takes hold.
  • Create a ‘Chill Zone’: Allocate a cozy, safe-place that allows for escape… oops, I mean emotional regulation! My chill zone was inside a walk-in robe! Get creative. Include comfy chairs, cushions, calming music, aromatherapy, low lighting.  Your study notes and books are not permitted in this space!
  • ‘De-stress’ Toolkit: This helps you de-escalate everyone in those unavoidable stressful moments. Include relaxing essential oils, Arnica cream for stressed, sore bodies, Rescue Remedy, guided meditation CD and relaxation music to soothe emotions, a great therapist.  What else can you think of?  Go to myholisticnurse.org to download the “Quick Fix Handbag Toolkit” to help you with this.
  • Balance Outside/Inside: Nature de-stresses, naturally. Did you know that the electromagnetic frequencies that are emitted by your computer screen literally worsen brain function? It’s vital to balance this out with a good dose of wifi free life to keep study time effective. Natural environments literally neutralize harmful EM frequencies that create illness and stress.
  • Sleep: Quality sleep is a great healer! Yes, I know… hard to get right now. But be strict with yourself.  Have a bedtime routine that includes some of the things in step 3 to help create quality sleep. Take time out for a 30-minute ‘disco nap’ for the whole family (yes, you too) in the afternoon – this leveraging trick is an all-round WINNER.
  • Good Nutrition: A healthy diet full of fresh produce and plenty of filtered water is essential for stress management and a brain that actually works! Stress depletes vital nutrients so consider adding a high-quality multi-vitamin and omega oils (coconut oil is a great source) to your diet – please avoid supermarket brands. Limit sugar – it creates body inflammation and depressed immunity (physical stress).
  • 7) Meditate: IMPROVES MEMORY and CONCENTRATION and literally makes you smarter… study less and get more bang for your buck. Doesn’t that sound great! 😊 Bonus… the more calm and relaxed WE are, the more relaxed our home will be. Just 10 mins of meditation a day, and not even all at once, will change your brain!

A routine that integrates these tips into every day will better equip the whole family to manage stress in the life of a study mum!


About Kristy

Kristy Rackham facilitates meditation and stress management workshops, online private treatment/coaching sessions and stress/anxiety relief programs.  Her practical meditation handbook for students, “Head Space: Meditate Your Way to Study Success” is available in hard cover or e-book.

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