Suzy Phillips & Friends

A Mission to Help Mums Who Are Studying.

My name is Suzy. I am a Mum, a Wife, a Student and Co-founder of Study Mum. I am only too familiar with indecision, fear and mummy guilt. Studying with a small child myself I continuously hit roadblocks. I found very little online support for mums dealing with the challenges that deciding to study or studying with a family can invoke.

Whilst working with some friends on a meaningful project that helped mums find courses that were suited to their needs. It was clear that there needed to be more available to study mums than just finding the right course.

We got together some ideas and created Study Mum to try help the mums who are studying community better.

While our project isn’t perfect yet, and neither are we. Our goal is to sincerely do our best to help provide value for mums with tools, resources and guidance. From inspiration on choosing a course or career, to support from other mums, and empowerment to help mums reach their goals.

I consistently through Study Mum, find reminders as to why I chose to study and what it will mean for myself and my family. It helps me keep on track. I have met some amazing mums who have incredibly helpful advice to share with you and support you as you work towards your study goals, qualified and working in the job you love.

I’m looking forward to helping you on your journey also.