Creating Time to Chase Dreams

Be Fearless in the Pursuit of What Sets Your Soul on Fire!

It is one thing to make goals and have wishes as to what kind of life you are working towards. However, dreams are something quite different. Dreams inspire you to live out your purpose. They are what drives the goal setting and the wishes you so much desire.

Creating time to chase your dreams means you are making time to do something you were born to do. Life, of course, can be demanding of your time and energy. Understanding how to plan for dream chasing is essential.

On this audio you will learn: 

  • Just how taking inventory of your activities over a period of  a week or two can create space for your dreams ( 1 min 20)
  • How to develop a plan for your dreams (1 min 36)
  • The importance of celebrating yourself. Congratulate yourself for creating better habits of not engaging in activities that are not dream building. ( 7min 43)
  • The steps to creating time to chase dreams. (7 min 54)


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