Get Fit, Healthy and Happy with ‘Wholistic Personal Trainer’ Joanne Graham (EP#7)

THE  PODCAST dedicated to helping mums achieve their study goals faster, easier and with less stress. Hosted by study mum Suzy Phillips. Every episode is dedicated to bringing you tools and resources to support you on your study journey.

Welcome to Episode #7  Being a study mum just isn’t about studying. It’s about all aspects of our lives. Health, Energy, Time Management and so much more. Today’s special guest Joanne Graham A.K.A ‘ The Wholistic Personal Trainer” joins us to discuss fitting in simple exercise routines into your day even when you think you don’t have a minute to spare.

Interview Highlights : The important benefits of incidental exercise. Jo gives plenty of examples of this and how to just get moving and keep moving.

More Topics Covered in This Episode 

  • How to build your confidence with incidental exercise.
  • The benefits of resistance training for women.
  • The importance of tuning into your bodies signals during and after exercise. This is key for all round wellness.
  • The best time of the day to exercise. What’s your favourite time to exercise?


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