The Happy Woman – Jaelithe Leigh Brown (EP#16)

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Welcome to Episode #16 In this episode we chat with Happiness Coach and Mum Jaelithe Leigh Brown about how important it is as mums to slow down and be more mindful about our own self-care.

Interview HighlightsMum-of-three Jaelithe Leigh-Brown takes us through her book ‘The Happy Woman: What You Can Learn from Kids, Dogs and Men’ She explains the small changes women can make to break away from life’s pressures, and become happier each day.

More Topics Covered in This Episode:

  • Jaelithe talks about her life as a journalist and why she wrote the book “The Happy Woman, What you can learn from kids, dogs and men”. This book is The pocket life coach for mums.
  • It’s important to experience bad days and negative emotions in order to utilise the necessary skills to move forward into a happier state.
  • Why it is ok to lower your standards and make the ultimate goal to be happy?
  • So much more… you will get an incredible amount of value from this chat. Schedule the time in to have a listen.

COMMENT BELOW:  What steps do you take towards your own personal happiness?

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