How to Eat Healthy and Have More Energy with ‘Wholistic Persoanl Trainer’ Joanne Graham (EP#8)

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Welcome to Episode #8   I chat with’ Wholistic Personal Trainer’ Joanne Graham about how to simplify your healthy diet and the importance of gut health to increasing your energy and well-being.

Interview Highlights: Jo talks about gut health and explains just what probiotics and prebiotics actually are and why we need them in our diet.

SCROLL to the bottom of this page if you want food examples to start improving your gut health today.

More Topics Covered in This Episode 

  • Processed food and how it’s linked to major health problems in our society.
  • Sugar and fats in nature v’s processed sugar and fats.
  • Super Food Myths.
  • Eating local and not overwhelming yourself with what you need to incorporate into your diet to be healthy.
  • Keeping it simple. One pot cooking can be the key to better health for you and your family.
  • Gut health, the root of all our energy issues and health challenges including ADHD, DEPRESSION and STRESS to name just a few.

This chat with Jo is really insightful and educational. Further exploration is definitely a must but it all makes a lot of sense. Simplified and to the point. How lucky are we to have our very own study mum “wholistic Personal Trainer”!


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 Probiotic Food (the Bugs)
  • Unpasteurised Sauerkraut
  • Kimchi
  • Natural Yogurt
  • Sourdough
  • Kefir
  • Unpasteurised Honey
Prebiotic Food (Bug Food)
  • Oats
  • Beans & Pulses
  • All Veg – Particularly onions, garlic artichoke cooked and cooled potatoes (you can reheat them and the resistant starch will not dissipate)
  • All Fruit – Particularly apples, green bananas (or as green as you can eat them)
  • Cooked and cooled rice
“Obviously this all goes together with mindful eating – not eating till you are over full and only eating when you are hungry” xo JO.

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