How to Identify Your Time Thieves!

The Bad News is Time Flies. The Good News is You’re the Pilot. Michael Altshuler
As a busy Mum, it is common to feel overwhelmed and stressed about all the tasks and responsibilities that you need to fulfil. What would it mean to you to learn how to manage those feelings of being overwhelmed and find the time and space you need to make studying a part of your routine? To find the time to study without sacrificing your commitments to those you love the most!

On this audio you will learn:

  • How to discover what it will mean to find more time to study ( 1 min 18)
  • How to get motivated to take action (4 min 16)
  • An exercise to identify where exactly your time goes ( 7 min 26)
  • The next step in working towards managing your time effectively (10 min 56)

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