How to Plan, Prioritize and Prepare Time to Study

A Goal Without a Plan is Just a Wish. Antoine De Saint Exupery
If you feel disorganized, stressed and lack clarity with your study goals, it most likely means you haven’t planned,prioritized or prepared your time to commit to studying. The danger with this is you may end up in a course or a career you don’t really want. Maybe you know exactly where you want to be but don’t know how on earth you’re going to get there! Planning your study journey will help.

On this audio you will learn:

  • Why planning is crucial to your success. ( 1 min 25)
  •  How to have  more responsibility over what you want to create and learn what you need to do to plan your time effectively. (3.38)
  • To be more strategic – get more of what you want -value your time more.( 9.38)
  • The importance of preparing for your allocated study time by removing distractions and having all your resources on hand. (13 min 02)

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