How To Free Up 6 Hours A Week!

It Always Seems Impossible Until It’s Done! 'Nelson Mandela'
I know what your thinking. Life is already extremely busy! How on earth are you going to free up 6 hours a week to study? You’re probably feeling like you are doing all you can to manage your time effectively and there simply just isn’t that much of it.

The good news is we all get the same amount of time each week to complete the tasks we need to get done and sometimes we overlook exactly which task to allocate that time to.

On this audio, you will learn: 

  1. To Challenge your thoughts and start believing that it is possible ( 1 min 25)
  2. How to free up 1 hr a day 6 x a week (3 min 25)
  3. Plan your time for study FIRST and then steal it from somewhere else ( 4 min 29)
  4. To explore multiple strategies for finding and managing time (5min 59)

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