Is Study Right for You?

Choose a job you LOVE and you WILL never work a day in your LIFE! Confucius

Is study right for you? Everyone is different when it comes to their reasons for choosing to study. Your circumstances will not only influence WHAT you choose to study but HOW you choose to study also.

You may want to study after having a baby and feel it will be something that you can do at home online. You may desire security and want to update already existing job skills or change your career path completely.

You may have been out of the workforce for some time and you simply feel like you need a sense of purpose. There are some very important factors to consider when taking on studying with a family and we hope you gain some insight here in determining what you would like to study and when.

On this audio you will learn:

  • To ask yourself what’s important to you? What do you prioritize and value most? ( 1 min 37)
  • How to create realistic goals (2min 28)
  • Valuable questions, like what is your parenting style like? How do you deal with pressure and stress? ( 3 min 02)
  • Useful tools and resources to determine what kind of career is best for you.(4min 25)


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