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Are You a Mum Who is Studying and Would Like More Support?

Welcome! you have found your space within our online community that is dedicated only to helping mums who study.


  • Stressed and  falling behind in your studies?
  • Fearful of not achieving your study goals?
  • Is it all “feeling too hard” to manage?
  • Taken on too much and don’t know if your going to cross the finish line?
  • Having a bad experience studying with your chosen course provider?
  • Dropping the ball on assessment deadlines.
  • Having to consistently ask for extensions.
  •  Missing out on spending quality time with your family because you have to study.
  • Getting overwhelmed every time you have assessments or exams looming.

What Ever Your Challenge

Whether it be finding the time to study  or simply having trouble keeping within the word count of your essay. We are creating tools and resources to help you with your study goals. We’ve talked to hundreds of mums who are studying and we have heard similar challenges.

Space for Mums Created by Mums

Now we have created a space FOR MUMS by MUMS so that we can all get together and support and motivate each other.

Study Mum is an online community designed specifically to help mums who want to study. We are here to inspire, empower and support you on your study journey.

It is our mission to bring like minded study mums like you together. So you can have your say and tell us exactly what it is you need.
Mother Using Laptop While Daughter Colors

Subscribe to Our Closed Study Mum Support Group and You Will be Able to:

  • Connect with other study mums and share your struggles and celebrations.
  • Have a space to seek answers to your biggest challenges of being a study mum we are here to help you.
  • Get advice about your course of study or difficulties that you’re having. Chances are that other mums are going through similar challenges.
  • Create study buddy opportunities and a community of study mums that will be a force to be reckoned with within the educational system. Let’s create a space for study mum success and enjoy the journey of studying and mothering.
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