Manage Your Time to Study!


Gain control over your TIME and you will gain control over your LIFE! Anthony Robbins

Do you often feel like you have allocated your time and planned it all out, only to find that your still struggling to fit it all in? You’ve read countless tips on time management and none of them seem to create a formula that works for you?  Planning is only half the battle. Planning well and putting it into action takes practice and a lot of tweaking. So don’t feel disheartened keep working at it until you master your own personal time management plan.


On this audio you will learn: 

  • How to use Pareto’s Law for planning your time well, the 80/20 rule. ( 0.43)
  • To identify tasks that you can delegate and outsource (1 min 24)
  • Parkinson’s Law…creating short clear deadlines ( 2 min 03)
  • How to keep goals and deadlines realistic and initiate boundaries (2 min 32)

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