Must Ask Questions For Your Course Provider with Course Advisor Matt Reguson (EP#14)

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Welcome to Episode #14 In this Episode Study Mum chats to course advisor Matt Reguson about what to consider when choosing the right course for you. There are some very important questions to ask your course provider to make sure you and the course you have chosen to study are indeed a perfect match.

Matt has helped many mums and other individuals get into courses that were suited to their needs,passions and budgets. Matt gives us great advice on what questions you need to ask yourself and your course provider before embarking on your study journey.

Interview Highlights:  Matt talks about RPL(Recognised Prior Learning) and how to figure out just what prior skills, experience and qualifications you may be able to carry over to your desired course.

More Topics Covered in This Episode:

  • Understanding your lifestyle and what form of qualification will be suited to your situation and time you have available to study.
  • Stepping stone qualifications and making sure your course provider facilitates this process as some don’t.
  • Payment options and clarification on Vet-Fee Funding (NOTE) this information will soon be outdated with government changes to government funding and we will chat with Matt again to clarify any questions that may come up for Study Mums.
  • How to ask the right questions to determine if your course provider is a reputable company.

Ask yourself these questions to make sure you can give the course provider the best possible insights to what you are wanting to achieve.

Questions 1: 

What are my current commitments in my lifestyle? Daycare how many times a week, sporting events/training

Question 2:

What have I done for work in the past and can any of that help me reduce the time of the course using the Recognition of Prior Learning.

Question 3:

Where would I like to work and give my full potential for the rest of my working days. i.e in a restaurant, a daycare, do you want to run your own business from home, these are all questions you need to ask yourself.

Question 4:

What is my financial position and do I need funding assistance?

Questions you need to be asking your course provider/course advisor.

Question 1:

How long has your company been training for?

Question 2:

Is this course a Nationally Recognised qualification?

Question 3:

What funding options do you have available if I can not pay for this upfront?

Question 4:

What is Vet Fee Help and how will this effect my future plans with further study or my super?(Government funding has changed if you are unclear about the changes contact us here at Study Mum and we will try to assist you).

Question 5:

How long is the course and is it the course that is needed for achieving my career goal? – Owning my own business or working as a enrolled nurse?

Question 6:

How many hours a week is required to achieve this qualification in the time length?

Question 7:

Are there any time extensions for any reason as I am a mother and all sorts of things pop up in the day to day of a mother?

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