Night Nannies Australia with Annemarie Sansom(EP#11)

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Welcome to Episode #11 If you are a study mum with a new born or even just having challenges getting a good nights sleep because juggling small children and studying is utterly draining. There is someone who can help. Annemarie Sansom is the director of a fabulous Australian company called Night Nannies Australia. I just love her philosophy of dealing with Australian families and sleep and routine challenges. We have all been there and I wish I had known about Night Nannies Australia when I first brought my son home.

Interview Highlights: 

Listen to invaluable expert advice that may save your sleep right now!



More Topics Covered in This Episode:

  • We talk about how Night Nannies was developed. Annemarie tells us her own story, mother of five, two of which are twins. Background in early childhood development and experience with a terrible sleeper. 
  • The services that Night Nannies Provides and rates that are available. Whether you just need a break or have medical issues such as post natal depression etc. Night Nannies can help in multiple ways with multiple issues.

  • Online consultation and Night Nannies preference to be able to give face to face service.

  • Common sleep issues.


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What are some of the sleep issues that are stopping you from getting a good nights sleep? Leave your comment below.


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