Shape Your Study Goals for Success with Life Coach Allison Bright (EP#2)

THE  PODCAST dedicated to helping mums achieve their study goals faster, easier and with less stress. Hosted by study mum Suzy Phillips. Every episode is dedicated to bringing you tools and resources to support you on your study journey. * This Interview is presented by Marijke Richards on behalf of Study Mum.

Welcome to Episode #2. Ever wondered why you spend so much time focused on certain tasks in your life? Life Coach Allison Bright brings to light what motivates us and how to use this motivation to determine your chosen field of study or career.

Interview Highlights : Allison discuss the best way to determine your career direction based on your core values and needs.

More Topics Covered in This Episode

  • How our lives already revolve around what we value the most.
  • Core needs and how they can help you with your study journey.
  • The Bucket List…what’s on yours?
  • The importance of building a vision for your goals.
  • Self- worth and confidence…and the list goes on.



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