Stress Busting with Study Mum Rita Maher (EP#13)

THE  PODCAST  Helping mums achieve their study goals faster, easier and with less stress. Every episode is dedicated to bringing you tools and resources to support you on your study journey.

Welcome to Episode #13 Another amazing chat with our very own study mum and holistic counsellor Rita Maher. We explore stress and why it’s important to recognise what triggers you?

Interview Highlights: 

Rita really hits the nail on the head when she talks about owning only what is your stress. Is this stress your feeling yours? Or does it belong to someone else?


To explore your stress triggers and how to deal with them. Rita has also provided us with a link to a free meditation to help chill us out! Yes Please Rita Thank You 🙂

Free Meditation


More Topics Covered in This Episode:

  • Creating a stress list.
  • Creating a flow list.
  • Great tips on breaking down an assignment that is stressing you.
  • How to avoid stress that isn’t yours.
  • Support networks.
  • Feeling overwhelmed and self care.

Links & Resources

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