Stress Free Parenting, is it Possible? We Ask Jackie Hall

The Interview: Parenting Stress — Get Relief and Develop Your Own Coping Strategies. We talk to Jackie Hall  Mum, Author, Parental Counsellor, Keynote speaker and Founder of the Parental Stress Centre Australia in regards to whether stress free parenting is possible? The Parental Stress Centre Australia helps parents focus on their own stress and their child’s stress at a core level. The centre has programs that deal extensively with issues like postnatal depression, anger management, child behaviour issues, personal peace and so much more.

Interview Highlights:

Jackie created the Parental Stress Centre from personal experience and struggles as a parent. She recognised the need for parents to take a step back and find the real source of their stress and unhappiness.  You will learn a great tool within this interview that will help you take gauge of those moments when you’re about to lose it with your kids.

More Topics Covered in This Interview:

  • Jackie’s own anxiety and depression.
  • All conflict is our belief in conflict with our reality.
  • Perfection is not the goal – awareness and adjustment is.
  • It’s never about the event but about how you are personalising the event.

Parental Stress Courses

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