Stress Management with Angela Counsel Stress and Lifestyle Expert (EP#12)

THE  PODCAST  Helping mums achieve their study goals faster, easier and with less stress. Every episode is dedicated to bringing you tools and resources to support you on your study journey.

Welcome to Episode #12  I chat STRESS MANAGEMENT with Stress and Lifestyle expert Angela Counsel. She is a qualified naturopath with 10 years experience. Trained in NLP and Author of “Secret Mums Business-Create the Business and Lifestyle of Your Dreams”. Which was Amazons #1 seller for well-being and small business. Angela has appeared on Channel 7’s The Morning Show and Channel 10’s The Project as well as featured in magazines such as Prevention and Good Health. She also hosts her own Podcast. Healthy, Wealthy and Wise in Business. Helping women enjoy success without the burnout.

Interview Highlights:

Learn a 2 min exercise to de-stress straight away. Angela discussing Burnout and Adrenal Stress caused from being in a long term state of stress and anxiety. The importance of sleep and what happens to your body if you don’t catch enough zzz’s.


More Topics Covered in This Episode:

  • Becoming a Mum later on in life and educating other women on stress management.
  • Transitions from motherhood to student and avoiding burnout.
  • Mummy guilt v’s Resentment.
  • Changing our expectations to meet our reality.
  • Nutrition and Stress Relief for busy mums.
  • COFFEE! and how it’s not helping us in our most vulnerable time when we are stressed out!
  • Night time study V’s Morning study.


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