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Meet Study Mum Kahlile

My name is Kahlile and I am studying to be a Special Education Teacher.  I was inspired into this career choice through my experience in parenting my youngest son who has Autism Spectrum Disorder, and now I can’t imagine doing anything else! I am 37, Married with 2 kids, Brisbane QLD.

Currently Studying:

Bachelor of Education (Special Education)

I Rate This Course 5 Out of 5 Stars * * * * *

Educational Institute:


I Rate This Educational Institute 4 Out of 5 Stars  * * * *

What I love About My Course:

That I can study online, that I am studying alongside other people who are passionate about teaching kids with disabilities and help them become all they are created to be.

What I Find Challenging About My Course:

Keeping up with the workload and balancing family and paid work, especially during prac.

Previous Qualifications:

  • Bachelor of Further Education and Training
  • Diplomas in Hospitality, Business and Management.

What I Want To Be When I Grow Up:

Special Education Teacher Extraordinaire.

My Best Study Tips And Tricks Are:

Make the use of ANY downtime you get to knock over some textbook or online reading – sitting in the car waiting to pick up kids from school, sitting on the couch with your kids while they watch a favourite TV show, during morning coffee.

My Biggest Challenge As A Study Mum Has Been:

Trying to slow myself down so I don’t burn out.

How I Keep Motivated:

Keep my eye on the end goal.  I also love the content that I am learning, which keeps me very motivated.  Exercise, eat as well as you can and sleep a solid 7 hours when possible.

My Best Advice For Other Mums Who Are Considering Studying:

It is worth it if you are passionate about what you are studying.



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