Study Mum – Tegan

Meet Study Mum Tegan

Name: Tegan Richards

Age: 28

Family: Myself, Orion (6), Evelyn (4) and fiancé Richard (28), Luna (2yr old pure bred border collie)

Location: Maitland NSW, Australia

Currently Studying:

Currently studying bridging courses through OUA before embarking on a Bachelor of Nutrition and food. Current unit is Fundamentals of Chemistry

I Rate This Course 4 Out of 5 Stars * * * * *

Educational Institute:

Open Universities Australia, current supporting uni is Murdoch University, Perth, Western Australia

I Rate This Educational Institute 4 Out of 5 Stars  * * * *

What I love About My Course:

I love my course as it is flexible. I can study when I want and can, as long as I have a stable internet connection and remember to log on to do my online quizzes. The online forums and some Facebook pages are very helpful and a sense of comradery is very appealing 😊

What I Find Challenging About My Course:

Some aspects are challenging as I am not very mathematically inclined and need someone to sit and explain it to me, so not having a tutor on hand when I need is difficult, but Youtube helps quite a lot. Referencing is a big what the!


Previous Qualifications:

I don’t have any previous qualifications besides my awesome persona and being a mum!

What I Want To Be When I Grow Up:

A qualified dietician working in primary schools to help children learn about good food, sometimes foods and treats. Also, helping to build canteen menus for my district as well as workshops to carers to come and learn.

My Best Study Tips And Tricks Are:

Take your study EVERYWHERE!!! I take mine to ballet, karate, and swimming occasionally to play cafes so kids are occupied long enough for me to catch up or get ahead. Also, scheduling, always write down on calendar or whatever suits when things are due, how they are weighted and what they entail. Having it in your face everyday reminds you to keep on track! I also took with me on our little family holiday not long ago, was a very long 19hr drive to Avoca, VIC and back, for my now father-in-law’s (we got engaged that weekend) 60th.

My Biggest Challenge As A Study Mum Has Been:

Doing online quizzes when kids are awake as that’s when I’m more mentally alert. I turn into super B**** mum.


How I Keep Motivated:

I have a few things that keep me motivated, reading online blog posts about other dieticians, some whom I’ve met and my children. I once declared that I was going to give up my study, was so annoyed, frustrated and fed-up my son yelled. ‘No mummy! Don’t stop your study!’ he was absolutely distraught at the fact that I was going to give in. Since then I persevere.

My Best Advice For Other Mums Who Are Considering Studying:

Give it a go! No matter what you do the time will pass anyway, you will never truly be ready, like anything in life, marriage, pregnancy, and child birth, study is the same. You will know your true potential until you jump right in!





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