What’s Your Motivation to Study? with Holistic Counsellor Rita Maher (EP#9)

THE  PODCAST dedicated to helping mums achieve their study goals faster, easier and with less stress. Hosted by study mum Suzy Phillips. Every episode is dedicated to bringing you tools and resources to support you on your study journey.

Welcome to Episode #9 Rita Maher is a solid contributor to our study mum community and we will hear from her regularly with great insights into how to deal with challenges that arise from being a study mum. Today Rita talks about how to determine your WHY? for taking on study in the first place. What motivates you? How do you reward yourself when you hit your target goals? This is a very empowering chat you don’ t want to miss it.

Interview Highlights : The simple logic but powerful application of rewarding yourself when you reach goals. Empowering yourself by creating good habits.

More Topics Covered in This Episode 

  • Getting clear on why you chose to study in the first place.
  • Discovering what motivates you.
  • Vision boards and the power behind visualisation when done correctly.
  • Rewards and how to be real about it. Small win = small reward. Big win = big reward. Simple yet powerfully motivating when done right. Rita has kindly provided a rewards chart you can download for FREE. See below.
  • Including your family in your goal setting. This will help to make sure the transition is smoother for everyone involved.

Links & Resources

Here is your FREE Reward Chart PDF. Click link to download.


More Great Stuff from Rita


Do you have a way of rewarding yourself for achieving your study goals? Leave your comment below.


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